Dissemination of Puntland Statistics Act

DISSEMINATION OF PUNTLAND STATISTICS ACT Ministry of Planning, Economic Development and International Cooperation is disseminating the Statistics Act of Puntland that has been enacted by the Puntland Parliament and signed by the President last year 2019.

MAIN OBJECTIVE The main objective of the act is to give the department of the statistics the authority to “collect, compile, analyse, abstract, and publish timely information on the economic, social and general conditions of the country and its citizens.

“To stop the information piracy and protect the confidentiality of respondents and stop duplicating of the data collection, the act;.”
Gives the department the overall supervision and coordination of Puntland Statistical activities.
Provides to the statistics department the legal authority to demand and acquire data from both public and private Institutions without breaching the confidentiality principle.
Enables the department to develop common scientific statistical methodology for all aspects of data collection in Puntland to keep the quality of the data in higher standard.

Gives the department to be custodian of official statistics in the state of Puntland.
Needs all statistics units at government institutions to collaborate with the Department Of Statistics at the MOPEDIC in the collection, compilation, extraction or dissemination of information for statistical purposes.
The Office shall maintain close and regular contact with the principal users
and suppliers of statistics.

As article 17 in chapter 4 states, there will be no government Department or any other entity private or public shall commence or commission any statistical data collection or make a substantial alteration to an already existing data by using any sort of data collection or transmission without written approval from the Ministry of Planning. Therefore and organisation, institution or individual that collecting information is needed to declare the following aspects in writing;

A. Rationale for conducting the survey
(i.e., why it is important to do so);

B. What data will be collected (what
questions will be asked) and from whom;

C. When, where, and by whom data will
be collected from and where data will be

D. Potential risks and benefits to

E. Steps you will take to protect the
confidentiality of participants;

F. How the results will be used.

As article 27 in chapter 6 states ‘All information supplied by a person, undertaking or public authority under this Act shall be used only for statistical compilation and analysis purposes.
Article 31 and 32 in chapter 7 state ‘Any person who fails or refuses to provide any requested information and
‘Any person who denies access to premises for an officer of statistics to collect data shall be guilty of an offence.

As article 41 in chapter 7 states that Anyone who commits statistics offence against this Act will be charged at least one or may be all of following charges;

A. Imprisonment

B. Financial penalty

C. Return of asset

D. Detain from work or business

Statistics Act 2019