Education Management Information System Data

This is the 2013/14/15/16 Education Statistics Annual Yearbook of Puntland in which annual education data has been collected, processed and analyzed by the Ministry of Education and higher education (MOEHE) for the Fourth time.
The existing Annual School Census Surveys or questionnaires were modified for the year 2013/14/15/16 by the Puntland Ministry of Education and Higher Education, EMIS Unit and sent to schools for data collection through the Regional Education Officers (REOs) and the District Education Officers (DEOs). The completed survey data was collected from the schools by the DEOs who checked the quality of the completed data and submitted to the REOs and then the REOs to the EMIS unit of Ministry of Education and Higher Education by checking the quality of the completed survey. The Ministry of Education and Higher Education, EMIS unit encoded the raw data into the Pineapple software, verified it and generated the required reports. It is only the formal primary, Integrated Quranic Schools (IQS), Alternative Basic Education (ABE), Secondary education and Non Formal Education data that have been captured by the pineapple software. The Technical and Vocational Education and Training as well as Higher education data have been separately processed on the MS Excel workbook.