Study Tour workshop on Quality Management to Statistics

Puntland Department of Statistics (PSD) along the Directorate of National Statistics of FGS participated three-days study Tour workshop on “Quality Management to Statistics of South Africa”. The workshop was held at the Koch – in Johannesburg, South Africa from June 25th -27th, 2019. This workshop was hosted by Statistics Directorate of South Africa with the support of Statistics Sweden with the participation of senior government officials from South Africa and Sweden.

The main purpose of the study visit was to learn, exchange experience on statistical operational process management; especially in planning and monitoring of work, organization of the National Statistics System, National Account, Price Statistics, Communication and Quality assurance. Puntland Statistics Department obtained an overview of the way of how Survey and sampling design-related issues are organized in Stata South Africa. The experience from Stata South Africa will serve as an inspiration to improve the statistical capacity of PSD to deliver comprehensive and accessible high-quality data for socioeconomic indicators to promote governance and planning of socio-economic development programs and projects.