Strategic Plan 2017-2019 For the Development of National Statistics

Executive Summary


The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation is responsible for planning, Monitoring & Evaluation and coordinating the development priorities and activities undertaken by different institutions in Puntland. The ministry is also responsible for the provision of accurate and reliable statistics data to the government institutions and other public and private sectors to enable them formulate policies, devise sound planning and make rational decisions in essential public services

Quality Statistical Data 

This Strategic Plan responds to the need of having quality statistical data by presenting a strategic road map and direction on key priorities in line with the country policy on development. The development of the Strategic Plan adopted a participatory and consultative approach involving representatives from the ministries, United Nations Agencies, international organizations and other key stakeholders. The participatory and consultative process led to the preparation of this Strategic Plan that accommodates the interest of all the concerned parties.

Assessment of the Statistical System

It was found that various institutions are involved in the production and dissemination of data. Chief among them is Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC) which is the central ministry with the key functions comprising planning and coordination, production of national statistics, and dissemination. Under the Ministry, there is the Statistics Department responsible for coordination of all statistical activities.  The department, however, lacks the capacity to effectively undertake its mandate. Regarding, line ministries it was found that all the departments are relatively new and are grossly understaffed with some having only one to two officers manning them. The institutions also lack equipment and facilities. Because of lack of capacity the institutions heavily rely on the support from United Nation Agencies and International Organizations. Consequently development partners are the major producers and users of data.

On training attended by staff, it was noted that some of them have attended both basic statistical training and basic computer training. Most of the employees have knowledge in excel, Ms Word and Ms Access. The employees were further asked to state the types of trainings they required and from their response it was found that they need basic and intermediate statistical training on data collection methodologies, editing, analysis, statistical and application packages, management, and monitoring and evaluation. On availability of equipment and facilities it was found that most of the Planning and Statistics Units (PSUs) lack equipment and office space.

Coordination of statistical activities was found to be one of the challenges facing producers and users of data in Puntland. There is lack of coordination resulting into the duplication of efforts and inconsistencies in standards and methodology for data collection. There will be need of advocacy interventions on the importance of statistics.