Somali High Frequency Survey Wave

The historical civil war and political insecurity in Somalia has resulted in a lack of socioeconomic, perception and other key data in Somalia. The Somalia Socioeconomic Survey 2002 was the last Somalia-wide representative survey. This lack of data makes it difficult for the government and its development partners to plan and implement appropriate policies and programs that are needed to support economic growth and stability. Especially the lack of poverty numbers undermined the development of an interim poverty reduction strategy paper, which is required to apply for HIPC debt relief.


The Somali High Frequency Survey closes this crucial data gap. The first wave of the Somali High Frequency Survey was conducted as part of the Somalia Poverty TA program in February 2016. This summary document describes the methodology and presents a few preliminary findings of the first wave. A more comprehensive compilation of preliminary findings is available in the accompanying presentation. An in-depth analysis has not yet been conducted but will be proposed in the last section of this document.