Puntland Youth Report

The study shows more than three-quarter of the people in Puntland are under 30 years old. Like rest of Somalia the population aged 10-34 form half of the Puntland population. The adolescents and youth form a crucial part of the Puntland population since their dynamics influences the social, economic political and demographic structure of the society. The substantial size of the youth population is not matched by a corresponding understanding of their status and the socio-economic challenges they face.

The challenges faced by the youth in Puntland are essentially the same as those of young people in the rest of Somalia. The Puntland adolescents and youth face problems and uncertainties regarding their future. The qualitative findings indicate the major challenges that the youth face include high illiteracy levels, limited education and training opportunities, unemployment and underemployment, lack of political participation, lack of health services, radicalization, insecurity, consumption of drugs especially khat, early marriage and the lack of a youth policy implementation that would promote social, economic and political
participation of the youth.

Unemployment is lowest among youths with no formal education and those with tertiary level of education and is highest among youths with primary education.

The main reasons that youth to go to diaspora are to search status, better economic opportunities, education and security. Their fellow youth in diaspora through social media also motivates them to migrate. Some of the reasons why youth from the diaspora come to settle in Puntland and Somalia in general is their pride and optimism for their country. They want to contribute towards economic development and peace building by introducing innovations and ideas that are working in the diaspora.

PL Youth Report _FINAL