Gender Statistics

Gender statistics is a new field that cuts across all traditional statistical fields and pertains to the entire statistical system. The main requirement for the production and dissemination of statistics that reflect the realities of women and men is that users and producers work together to identify the issues to be addressed and the necessary statistical outputs. Producers need to be trained to improve their understanding of gender issues and to learn the requirements for the production of gender statistics. Users, on the other hand need to be trained on effectively using statistics in their work and expressing their demand to statisticians. This book is targeted primarily to statisticians in national statistical offices and other governmental departments, and to trainers as a resource manual for training workshops and training in academic settings. It can also be used by users who wish to understand the problems involved in the production of gender statistics to be better able to use statistics correctly.

The book describes the various phases of the production of gender statistics, summarized in Chapter 1, An Overview of Gender Statistics, where also a flowchart describing all steps involved in the process of production is present-ed. The flowchart is reported in the mar-gin of the first page of each chapter to indicate which phase the chapter refers to. Gender statistics are produced in close collaboration with users to respond to the needs of policy makers, researchers, the media and the public. In order for user’s needs to be fully considered, it is necessary to examine gender concerns and goals in society and iden-tify the necessary statistics and indicators to address them with adequate poli-cies and plans and to assess and monitor the related changes.

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